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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


2011 award winners have been selected

Awards ceremony held for the Okuma Memorial Academic Prize

From left, Professor Furuya, President Kamata and Professor Takeoka

Our university established the Okuma Memorial Academic Prize in 1958 with the goal of encouraging academics. The prize is awarded to Waseda University full-time instructors who have realized distinguished research results and made outstanding contributions to improving academic standards.

An awards ceremony was held on October 27th, 2011, and President Kamata presented the main prize and extra prize to this year's two award winners.

Prize Name of Award Winner Research Subject
Memorial Prize Professor Nobuaki Furuya (Faculty of Science and Engineering) Chino Cultural Complex (Chino City, Nagano Prefecture)
Incentive Prize Professor Shinji Takeoka (Faculty of Science and Engineering) Developmental research for medical materials using high-polymer chemistry