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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Giving color to a campus under repair

On-campus galleries now open

On-campus galleries have been opened to add color to both Waseda and Toyama Campuses where university buildings are being rebuilt. Sketches by Faculty of Science and Engineering professor and Japan Art Academy member, Professor Ken Yabuno, have been digitalized and printed onto graphic sheets and displayed on the fence surrounding Waseda Campus Building No.3 (photo above). The vividly colored landscapes and illustrations are not only of the present, but also give us insight into the university and buildings of the past.

Also, at Toyama Campus, frames have been installed on the slope construction fence, and are being used as an exhibition space of works entered by students and staff on the theme of "Gallery to Make the Campus Walk Enjoyable" (photo below). This attempt to brighten up the campus led to the start of the "Toyama Gallery". Here you can enjoy many works overflowing in individuality such as photos, paintings and posters.

The white construction fences at both campuses have become exhibitions, giving pleasure to the eyes of passersby.

There are even old building and campus maps