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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Autumn of Culture - Let's savour Waseda Culture

Each event held in style

Waseda Culture and Arts Week 2011

"Waseda Culture and Arts Week," sending Waseda culture to the community more effectively, was held from October17 to November 3.

In addition to artistic events such as an orchestra performance, "Performance Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Yaso Saijo's Birth," and a film screening with a talk from the producer, a diverse range of events that only a university can stage, such as Japan-Germany Exchange 150th Anniversary Forum and Exhibition, a talk relating to "City and Paintings" and a "Work-Life Balance Course by Stay-at-Home Fathers" etc. were filled by many visitors.

Waseda Festival 2011

Continuing, the theme of the November 5-6 Waseda Festival was "You can change yourself, you can change things." An estimated 160,000 people visited the over 400 projects.

There were events ranging from events commemorating the 10th anniversary of the current management system, and management team projects such as the non-specific genre, staring with photos and paintings, "Art Museum", and live traditional entertainment, to projects showing the activities and results by student circles and groups, and stalls. There were also earthquake recovery support charity events and the environmentally friendly activity of separating rubbish into nine different types, making it two days overflowing with the energy of Waseda students.

Now, with the co-currently held "58th Rikoten (science and engineering exhibition)" and "Tokorozawa Campus Festival", held in October, it was a university festival completely showing the ample power of the students.

Powerful male cheerleading squad "SHOCKERS"

Harmony in a capella