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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Enjoying a day at a nostalgic alma mater

Alumni gather at the 46th Homecoming Day and the 2011 Tomon Festival

Singing of the school song at the opening ceremony

About 10,000 graduates and their families came to the campus on October 16, and after the morning Homecoming Day celebration began with the emcee's words, "Welcome back to the home of your heart and the forest of Waseda," a moment of silence was held for deceased graduates and victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

President Kamata gave an address, reporting the university's dealings in reconstruction support and the progress of the "Waseda Vision 150" Policy, and stated his ambitions for the future, and after Japan Soccer Federation advisor Kunio Kamamoto (1967 Graduate from School of Commerce) gave a speech on behalf of the graduates, proceedings ended with a rendition of the school song.

The afternoon Tomon Festival began with a ceremony in the square in front of the Okuma Auditorium. In the tents lined up on campus and in the Okuma Garden, specialty goods from each Tomon Society branch and university goods were on sale, and many events such as music, movies and lectures were held, making it a highly satisfying autumn day for participants at their alma mater.

Now, all proceeds from souvenirs sold on the day will be donated to the university as a "Tomon Festival Scholarship" to be used for student support including students affected by the earthquake.