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New Year Issue (Jan.)


From students and alumni to the general public

Many participants enjoy foundation anniversary events

On October 21 our university celebrated the 129th anniversary of its founding. With this year's anniversary also being a day of regular classes, numerous events were staged throughout the university.

A photo exhibition was held in the atrium of the Student Union Building with 53 student works entered on the themes "The Waseda I Love" and "Waseda Campus Landscape," and visitors, including many members of the general public, enjoyed various scenes of Waseda. Also, on the Supporters' Club Anniversary Stage, about 300 people put their hearts into singing renditions of the Waseda school song and "Glory of Waseda" to show their support for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In addition to these, lectures and a symposium on Shigenobu Okuma, earthquake recovery support and industry and academia cooperation were held, making it a foundation anniversary celebrated in style.

Enjoying the landscape of Waseda at the photo exhibition

Supporters' Club sending off enthusiastic support