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New Year Issue (Jan.)


MEXT "Enhancing University International Development Program"

2 programs from Waseda selected for 2011 program

Two programs from our university have been selected for the 2011 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Enhancing University International Development Program" (table below).

This program, through building a higher education network with Asia and the US, in order to enhance the international development of Japanese universities and raise human resources who can be active in a global society, is a program which aims to give predominantly financial support to programs which, while guaranteeing the quality of higher education in an international scheme, by strategically accept foreign students, and provide exchanges through cooperative education with Japanese students and foreign students from China, South Korea and the USA etc.

Our university already runs educational programs such as a double degree program with universities from around the world, starting with Peking University and Columbia University, and the Global Honors College where students learn together with students from eight universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, and the National University of Singapore, but with this selection our international network will be expanded even further.

Type A
"Campus Asia" Core base creation support
Type A-Ⅱ
Type B
"Support of Collaborative learning with universities in the United States"
Type B-Ⅰ
Conception Name East Asian University Institute base creation initiative for integration in the Asian region Waseda University Global Leadership Program
Supervising Post Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies Center for International Education
Partner Universities Peking University (China), Korea University (South Korea), Thammasat University (Thailand), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Colombia University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Berkeley, University of Washington (all US)