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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Honoring broadcasting works that symbolize "Japan in 2011"

"The Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan" presentation ceremony held

Winners (right column) of the 11th "Waseda Journalism Award in Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan" were decided and a presentation ceremony was held on November 10. After an address by President Kamata, each winner was presented with a certificate, commemorative medal and prize money in recognition of their efforts.

Screening committee member Shinichi Sano commented, "The Japanese media seemed like an Imperial announcement after March 11, but these winning works show that Japanese journalism is not dead yet. I think that these four works suitably represent a "Japan in 2011" that will long be engraved in the minds of generations to come," and the awardees also spoke lively of their creations and work. At the awards ceremony, as well as the award recipients, starting with people from television crews making efforts in reporting and broadcasting, media-related people and students from the commemorative course "News Changes Society", about 130 people were in attendance.

On this day, "Communicating Journalists" (Waseda University Press), a summary of this year's commemorative course, was published.

Section・Award Winning Work・Winner
Public Service Section Grand Prize ETV Special, Radiation Pollution Maps Made With Networks -2 Months on From the Fukushima Nuclear Accident-
Hideki Masuda, ETV TV crew(Chief Producer, Culture and Welfare Program Production Department, NHK)
Special report and related reporting on the "Alteration of confiscated materials by the head public prosecutor of the Osaka Public Prosecutor's Office Special Investigation Section Incident"
Hiroyoshi Itabashi, Asahi Shimbun(Alternation Incident reporting crew, Local News Section, Osaka Head Office and Tokyo Head Office)
Grassroots Democracy Section Grand Prize Special Broadcast Program, Spirits of Fallen Heroes or Death in Vain -Outcome of the Okinawa Yasukuni Trial-
Tomoe Mikami, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting (Director, Broadcast Production Section, Broadcast Production Bureau)
Cultural Contribution Section Honorable Mention Documentary Movie, The Sound of Honeybee Wings and the Earth's Rotation
Movie Director Hitomi Kamanaka

Hideki Masuda

Hiroyoshi Itabashi

Tomoe Mikami

Hitomi Kamanaka