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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Contributing toward global warming measures through fund management

Purchase of World Bank "Green Bonds"

Vice-President Otsuka (left) receives the certificate of appreciation from Mr. Arima

On this occasion, Waseda University has purchased "Green Bonds" issued by the World Bank. Green bonds are bonds issued by the World Bank in order to support business operating in developing countries with the aim to eliminate the causes of global warming and to deal with the issues that cause it.

Our university was the first, as a private university, to become involved in environment preservation activities, and by being able to contribute to global warming countermeasures through bond investment in fund management decided to make this purchase.

On October 25, the World Bank's finance bureau representative in Japan, Yoshiyuki Arima, visited the university, and presented Vice-President Muneharu Otsuka with a certificate of appreciation for the university's purchase of the green bonds. During his talks with Mr. Arima, Vice-President Otsuka said, "I am pleased that our university's funds can be used to join the international fight against warming. In the future, we would like to promote various activities for issues on a global scale and nurture human resources who can live in a global society."

Issuing authorityWorld Bank(International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Bond currency Australian dollar
Purchase value 10 million Australian dollars
Transfer date October 6, 2011
Repayment date October 6, 2021