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New Year Issue (Jan.)


A fresh resolve to bear lifelong learning

30th anniversary of the establishment of the Extension Center

On September 24, a ceremony was held commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Extension Center, which hosts the 1500 open course "Waseda University Open College", and the 10th anniversary of the Hacchobori School. To open proceedings, Center Head Tetsuo Kato introduced the history of lifelong learning promotional activities through the publication of "Waseda Lecture Transcripts" aimed at extramural students, and the hosting of "lecture tours" since the early days of the university, and expressed the determination of the center in the future to stand in the sights of and support those who "design themselves, and learn themselves." After a congratulatory address from President Kamata, head of Chuo Ward, where Hacchobori School is situated, Yoshihide Yada expressed his expectations of the university.

Afterwards, an award ceremony of the "Open College Azure Award", an award established to support continuing study for those who have earned more than 150 credits from course at the center, was held. The names of the 203 recipients were read out with two representatives receiving certificates from the president. Following a commemorative performance by Waseda Symphony Orchestra, former center head Professor Emeritus Taizo Kato closed the ceremony with a commemorative lecture titled "A Strong Personality in the Face of Adversity."

Greeting by Center Head Tetsuo Kato

Many students attended on the day