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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Recognition for many years of research and contributions

2 professors from the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences receive awards steeped in tradition

Izuru Shinmura Award to Professor Kazuaki Ueno

Professor Ueno (left) and Shinmura Memorial Foundation President Reiichi Horii holding a photograph of Dr. Shinmura

Professor Kazuaki Ueno of the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences was awarded the Izuru Shinmura Award for his book Historical Research of Modern Kyoto Accent Through "Heikyoku Fuhon" (Waseda University Press) and an award ceremony held in Kyoto City on November 23.

This award honors the achievements of the former editor of "Kojien", the groundbreaker of Japanese linguistics, and Order of Culture recipient, the late Izuru Shinmura, and has been awarded since 1982 to researchers and groups who have greatly contributed to Japanese linguistics and linguistics by the Izuru Shinmura Memorial Foundation, which maintains and publishes Shinmura's manuscripts and collection of books and materials. In the past from Waseda University, Professor Emeritus Kazue Akinaga has also won this award.

Professor Ueno gave us these words, "With this award, I will do my best to engage more in my research."

Yu Aida Translation Award to Professor Yasujiro Otaka

Professor Otaka (left) and Japan-Spain Society President Tadashi Tsuzumi

In recognition of his many years of researching Spanish art history and introducing it to the public and his nurturing of the younger generation, Professor Yasujiro Otaka, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, has been presented with the Yu Aida Translation Award.

This award was established in 1975 by the Japan-Spain Society to commemorate the first Japanese translator of "Don Quixote" and Spanish cultural research in Japan pioneer, the late Yu Aida, and is an award with history that is presented to excelling Spanish-Japanese translators. Representative of Professor Otaka's translations is the annotated edition of the collection of letters and notes by the painter Goya, Letters from Goya (Iwanami Shoten Publishers).

At the award ceremony held at the society's hall on November 29, Professor Otaka greeted the audience by saying, "I want young people to be encouraged by the prize like this and try even harder in their research and translating."