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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Film festival related to Kichiemon Nakamura I

Speech given by kabuki actor Kichiemon Nakamura II

Scene from the speech

On August 2nd, the "2nd Kichiemon Nakamura I Film Festival" was held at Okuma Auditorium as part of the "Kichiemon Nakamura I Exhibition" (July 2nd to August 7th, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum) which was held to introduce the great influence of Kichiemon Nakamura I on modern kabuki. Kichiemon Nakamura II gave a speech about his memories with Kichiemon Nakamura I, as well as his mentor's feelings towards kabuki art.

The film festival at Okuma Auditorium began with a screening of Moritsuna's Camp (1953) as performed by Kichiemon Nakamura I, after which Kichiemon Nakamura II took the podium. Together with listener Professor Ryuichi Kodama (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences), Kichiemon Nakamura II reflected on memories of his mentor Nakamura I while viewing photographs and film. "He really treated me well and helped me," he remarked with a smile. Nakamura II gave the following answer when asked about his aspirations for the future: "Kabuki is a living entity that changes with the times. I will work my hardest to teach the tradition which forms a basis of the art."

Also, an exhibition related to Danjuro Ichikawa VII started from September 20th, with a speech given by Danjuro XI (details available here).