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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Award for Distinguished Service to Sports presented to Mr. Sadaharu Oh

September 2011 Entrance Ceremony/Graduation Ceremony

The September graduation ceremony was held on September 17th, with approximately 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students starting a new phase of their life. "Your generation is charged with the role of creating a new era," said President Kamata when expressing his expectations for the graduating students entering society. Furthermore, Mr. Sadaharu Oh took the podium in order to accept the Award for Distinguished Service to Sports and gave the following message of encouragement: "Move forward boldly with belief in your future and without fear of failure."

Also, the September entrance ceremony was held on September 24th in order to welcome approximately 700 new graduate and undergraduate students to our university. "Please take full advantage of the rich educational and research environment available to you," said President Kamata when welcoming the student to their new university life. "Grow together while challenging other individuals at our university, and fully develop your own personal capabilities and humanity."

At the September entrance ceremony, there were many new students from a variety of countries, especially among students enrolling in the School of International Liberal Studies. These new enrollees joined the more than 4,000 foreign students already studying at our university, and the ceremony symbolized the growing internationalization of Waseda.

Mr. Sadaharu Oh and President Kamata

New students from many countries were present at the entrance ceremony