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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


9th Industry-Academia-Government Partnership Awards

Minister's Award presented to two professors in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

In the category of Industry-Academia-Government Partnership Awards, Professor Osamu Kiyomiya and Professor Yasuhiro Daisho of the Faculty of Science and Engineering were presented with the MLIT Minister's Award and the Environment Minister's Award, respectively.

Professor Kiyomiya was recognized for his contribution to design/construction technology for completing the Bosporus Strait Tunnel under adverse conditions such as strong currents, high water pressure and the possibility of a major earthquake. Professor Daisho was recognized for his successful development of an electric bus which achieved a decrease in bus carriage weight and a reduction in initial costs. The bus was developed assuming market release based on the concept of short driving range and frequent recharging.

The Industry-Academia-Government Partnership Awards seek to promote further industry-academia-government cooperation in Japan by recognizing outstanding results produced through industry-academia-government partnership among universities, public research institutions and corporations.

Osamu Kiyomiya
Case Name:
Design/construction of the Bosporus Strait Tunnel at extreme depths and strong currents in an earthquake-prone region
"I am happy to receive recognition for successfully completing difficult construction by applying advanced technology in design and construction. In the future, I hope to continue to spread advanced technology throughout the world by cooperating with private corporations in overseas construction projects."
Yasuhiro Daisho
Case Name:
Development of an electric bus and non-contact charging equipment

"This research began 10 years ago from a request by Professor Katsuhiko Shirai (Vice-President of Waseda University at that time) during the opening of the Honjo Campus. I am happy to have conducted forward-thinking development of electric vehicles with my fellow colleagues and younger researchers such as Professor Yushi Kamiya."