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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)



Reorganization of the Okuma School of Public Management

From April 2012, the Okuma School of Public Management will be reorganized as the Major in Public Management (professional degree program) at the Graduate School of Political Science (documents related to the reorganization are currently being submitted). This reorganization will be performed through close cooperation with the Graduate School of Political Science and the Graduate School of Economics. The goal of the reorganization is to realize further growth in the educational and research know-how that has been accumulated in the Okuma School of Public Management until now.

Students entering Waseda University in September 2011 will be the last group eligible to apply for the professional degree program and Doctoral Program at the current Okuma School of Public Management. The programs will be continued until all current students have completed or left the programs.

Establishment of an Information Disclosure Webpage

Our university strives to disclose information related to education and research in order to fulfill our accountability to society as an institution of higher education, as well as to further improve the quality of our education and research. The newly established Information Disclosure Webpage summarizes and discloses main data related to educational and research activities. The webpage is based upon the ministry ordinance which refines a portion of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the School Education Act (MEXT Ordinance No. 15, 2010).

In addition to the newly established webpage, each undergraduate department, administrative organization, and affiliated institution of our university has established their own website for disclosure of information.

Information Disclosure Webpage(http://www.waseda.jp/jp/public/)