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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


A six-day period featuring student culture and art

Waseda University Arts and Culture Festival-Competitive performances by clubs

The Waseda University Arts and Culture Festival 2011 was held during the six days from June 7th to 12th. The festival is a new event that started from 2010. Major venues used for the festival were Okuma Auditorium, Ono Auditorium and Waseda Gallery. The festival was held to convey the results of extra-curricular activities, campus activities and cultural activities conducted by student groups on a daily basis. The second year of the festival saw the number of participating student clubs nearly double when compared to last year.

The festival featured a rich variety of contents such as dance, theatre, singing, comedy, lectures, speeches, cheerleading and exhibitions. During the festival period, visitors fully experienced the diversity of Waseda students which serve as the basis for club activities at our university.

Including the general public, the ending event was attended by 450 people and the festival closed on a high note.

Vibrant student performance