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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Preparing for accidents which may occur during educational or research activities

Start of a new student compensation system

The Injury and Accident Compensation Program for Waseda Students (Disability Compensation) (GAKUSHOHO) system started from April 2011 in place of the Waseda University Student Disaster/Injury Insurance (GAKKENSAI) system. This system can be used by students in the unlikely event of an injury incurred during domestic/international educational or research activities that area approved by our university (not including illnesses). The compensation amount is based on a review by an underwriting company with the final decision made by our university. Compensation amounts are covered by the university budget.

Furthermore, the Injury and Accident Compensation Program for Waseda Students (Liability Insurance) (GAKUBAIHO) system was started from April as a compensation system for when participating in internships or educational fieldwork. GAKUBAIHO is a compensation system for legally-required payment of damages as the result of injury caused to others or damage to the property of others during internships, educational fieldwork and volunteer activities approved by our university.

Details of the systems are available through the contact points and website listed below.

■Inquiries related to GAKUSHOHO
Underwriting company, Accident Center
Exclusive use GAKUSHOHO TEL: 03-5753-8928
■Inquiries related to overall compensation system
Student Affairs Section: 03-3203-4349