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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Towards the realization of a model city using natural energy

Start of Honjo Smart Energy Town Project

On May 17th, Waseda University and the Honjo Waseda Research Park Foundation started the Honjo Smart Energy Town Project. The project is located in the land readjustment district undergoing development around Honjo-Waseda Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line. The project aims to create a model of a resource-saving regional smart city which achieves efficient energy use. The model city efficiently uses natural energy (biomass, geothermal heat, solar heat, sunlight, etc.) and comprehensively combines regional energy systems, traffic systems and lifestyles.

The project consists of a 3-year plan including cooperation with affiliated institutions such as corporations and municipal governments. Through such partnership, we shall work to create a new city which responds to climate changes and to power shortages caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. A new town will be created as part of the current land readjustment project, and Waseda researchers in environmental and energy fields will gather at the Honjo Campus in order to create a next-generation model city which is capable of responding to climate changes. The following aspirations were expressed at the inauguration ceremony by Professor Shuji Hashimoto (Director of the foundation and Dean at our university): "Through full utilization of Waseda Univeristy's technology and research, and through cooperation from Honjo City, corporations and other institutions, I hope to create a base for the creation of cities which will bring satisfaction to citizens. Our goal is not reconstruction; rather, it is to realize a model for creation of a new country." Furthermore, the following message was given by Honjo City Mayor Shinge Yoshida: "I would like to spread the creation of environmentally-friendly cities throughout Japan and the world. This project is a great first step to achieving that goal."