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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Praise for construction of the Chino Cultural Complex in Nagano Prefecture

"Waseda Research" produces steady results

Renowned architect Professor Nobuaki Furuya (Faculty of Science and Engineering) received the 2010 Japan Art Academy Award which is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of art. Professor Furuya received the award in recognition of the Chino Cultural Complex (photograph on right), a public composite cultural complex completed in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture in June 2005. The complex is a reinforced concrete building with three floors above ground and one floor below ground. It occupies a total of 10,800 square meters. The complex is connected directly with JR Chino Station and can be easily visited by citizens. It contains facilities such as a multipurpose hall (seating for 800) with moveable seating, a concert hall (seating for 300), an art museum and a library.

Professor Furuya also received the 2007 Architectural Institute of Japan Award in recognition of the complex. "In the future, I hope to combine the ability of current students and graduates in order to create architecture which brings happiness to people throughout the world," said Professor Furuya.

Chino Cultural Complex