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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Balancing child-raising with academic study and work

Establishment of dedicated nursery for students, faculty and staff

The nursery awaits the smiles of children

A dedicated nursery for Waseda University students, faculty and staff was established this spring near the Waseda Campus. In 2003, our university began operating a childcare facility open to the general community in order to contribute to society and to realize our goal of becoming a life-long learning institution that supports a diverse student body. Operation as a childcare facility authorized by the Tokyo metropolitan government has been conducted since 2007, and the facility has received high praise. However, since availability to the general public is a required condition for authorized childcare facilities, we were prevented from providing any incentives to students, faculty and staff. We therefore established the new nursery in order to promote further work-life balance at our university.

The nursery is only for temporary childcare. As long as an advance registration has been made during activities which are regular curriculum or any curriculum equivalent to it, children can be entrusted at any time. The nursery is scheduled to open on May 6th, the same day as the start of first term classes.

*Advance registration is required for use.
*Please note that nursery services may not be available if maximum capacity has been reached.