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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Winning the Hakone Ekiden for the First Time in 18 years in Record Time!

Sports clubs make spectacular showings again in 2010

Athletics team

Tennis team

Early in the New Year on January 2-3, the 87th Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden Relay, a 10 leg return race from Otemachi in Tokyo to the shores of Lake Ashinoko in Kanagawa Prefecture, was held with Waseda claiming its first title in 18 years and 13th overall. Waseda led the way over the first four legs before heading into the 5th leg hill climb. On the way up, the lead was surrendered to Toyo University, finishing the outward leg in second place, 27 seconds behind. The lead was taken back on the 6th leg in the run home. After that, with controlled running, the finish line tape was broken with Toyo University chasing 21 seconds behind. As well as winning the inward leg, Waseda set a new race record with an overall time of 10 hours, 59 minutes and 51 seconds. With victories in the Izumo All-Japan University Invitational Ekiden and All-Japan University Ekiden, Waseda became only the third school to claim the university ekiden Triple Crown.

In the last edition, along with the athletics team, victories by the baseball and kendo teams were also reported, but there have also been notable results posted by other sports clubs. The tennis club won the championship decider of the All-Japan University Tennis tournament, showing crushing form with the women's team winning every match, and the men's finishing with just one defeat. As of February 15, a total of 10 student teams had been crowned number one in Japan (see table below). Furthermore, by including round-robin tournaments, block tournaments and individual contests, an actual total of 19 championships have been captured, and we can hope for continued strong showings in the winter competitions.

Takanori Miyauchi had the following to say, "This year we happened to win titles in events that catch the public eye, but in an average year we are always winning about 10 team titles. Sport has mirroring themes of competing and cooperation, rivalry and fellowship, and through that, human traits such as trust and responsibility are fostered. Those factors are especially important in team competition, and at our university, we place great importance on individual results, but even more so on team results. I hope we put effort into instruction to achieve, not only sporting results, but also the academic results that can be achieved through sport."

The high school American football team also won the national high school championship (Christmas Bowl) to become national champions for the first time in 24 years.

2010 Sports Clubs Student Team National Champions (as of February 15, 2011)
Club Tournament Record
Baseball Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament Winner 1st title
Tennis All-Japan University Tennis Championship Men's Team Winner 6th consecutive title
All-Japan University Tennis Championship Women's Team Winner 5th consecutive title
Rowing All-Japan University Championship: Women Overall winner 2nd consecutive title
Kendo All-Japan Student Kendo Championship (Men) Winner 2nd title. 1st in 45 years
All-Japan Women's Student Kendo Championship Winner 1st title
Athletics Izumo All-Japan University Invitational Ekiden Winner 2nd tile. 1st in 14 years
All-Japan University Ekiden Winner 2nd title. 1st in 15years
Association Football All-Japan Women's Soccer Championship Winner 2nd consecutive title
Yachting All-Japan Student Yachting Championship Overall winner 3rd consecutive title
Fencing All-Japan Student Championship: Men's Team Foil Winner 2nd consecutive title
Softball Tennis All-Japan University Softball Tennis Championship: Men's Team Winner 4th consecutive title
All-Japan University Softball Tennis Championship: Women's Team Winner 1st title
Lacrosse All-Japan University Championship: Men Winner 1st title

Rowing team

Association Football team

Lacrosse team