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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Consecutive Consultation Events

Career Center putting everything into supporting job—hunting activities

Job-hunting activities for students expecting to graduate in March 2012 have hit full stride. Starting with "Employment Guidance" last summer, the Career Center held a diverse range of events with about 130 courses such as "Industry Research", "Self Analysis Work", Job-Hunting Seminar", and "Casual Talks With Graduates", in order to have students know about the business world and work, and "what working is", and to instill a sense of professionalism, with a total of over 20,000 attending. At "Guidance for Parents", held on December 18 for parents of students undertaking job-hunting activities, explanations of how activities have changed from the parents' generation were given, with lecturers giving advice on how to trust and watch over their children while talking about their own jobs as experienced members of the workforce.

Also, on January 10, about 3000 students attended "On-campus Job fair" which, centered mainly on large corporations, put together 53 companies. After that, mini seminars and mock interview sessions have also been held, and the Center will closely inspect the results and invite businesses to fairs from May to June.

After February, business introduction meetings and application submissions reach their peak with many students visiting the Center asking for advice on selecting a company, drawing up entry sheets and interview preparations, with staff and student career advisors (students with job offers graduating this spring) providing individual consultations day in, day out.

Center chief Nishio says, "In a climate that is said to be harsh, job offers for students planning to graduate this spring is about the same as the yearly average. I want you to expand your sights and find a company that suits you. If you have trouble getting through the entry sheet stage and interviews, see us immediately."

Industry Research Lecture(Masaru Ibuka Auditorium)

Students lining up to reception for the on-campus job fair (Waseda Campus)

Individual consultations at consultation booths. In the foreground is an AV corner with videos of lectures. (Career Center)