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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


WASEDA Supporters Club Executive Forum2010

From energetic alumni to current students—Realizing the WASEDA of today

Mr. Oh and former president Okushima face-to-face

Special members of the WASEDA Supporters Club (those designated honorary titles) were invited to attend the "Gathering of Those Who Support Waseda University, WASEDA Supporters Club Executive Forum 2010" held on December 3.

In the first session, Sadaharu Oh (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Board of Directors Chairman, Waseda selected alumni) and former president Takayasu Okushima (Japan High School Baseball Federation President) gave a special face-to-face talk on the topic "Sensitivity of Leaders Aiming to Be World No.1." Both men provided valuable words which the members listened to attentively.

The second session social gathering saw prominent graduates active in the sporting world, current members from sports clubs, Waseda executives and staff and faculty members in attendance. At the end, the supporter's group led everyone in renditions of the school song and Konpeki no Sora (Azure Sky). It was an event where those attending could feel a solid sense of the Waseda of "today" to the full.