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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


International Exchange Event at Honjo Senior High School

Holding a science education program with Singapore NJC

Dissection experiment at Singapore Aquarium "Exploring The Makeup of Fish and Squid"

"River Life and Water Quality Survey" at Otokoborigawa River near Honjo Senior High School

For 11 days from November 6, 14 students and two teachers from Singapore National Junior College(NJC)visited Honjo Senior High School and held the NJC-Waseda Exchange Programme.

This program between the senior high school and sister school NJC, as an aim to "hold a science education program taking advantage of both environments and became a reference for the development of advanced science education programs in both schools," has been taking place from two years ago. When we visited NJC in July, in addition to participating in lessons and cultural exchanges, three workshops were held, such as the "Biodiversity Workshop at the National University of Singapore."

This time, as well as lessons, "viewing of the encroaching landscape of Nagatoro", "shoyu and miso brewing and tofu-making workshop", and "river life and water quality surveys" took place, and at the Farewell Party, specialties of both countries were made in the home economics room, further deepening bonds. Television conferences are held between the schools several times a year and joint research is advanced. This kind of exchange building is being considered as becoming a practical model for the international cooperation program at the school.