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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Highly evaluated as an international education research base for theatre and film

International Symposium staged by Theatre Museum Global COE

A panel discussion on the lectures took place

The international symposium "Picturesque in Film and Theatre" (hosted by Theatre Museum Global COE), which looks at film and theatre from a picturesque viewpoint, was held for three days from January 17 at the Ono Memorial Auditorium.

Issues surrounding the use of paintings in films such as Mantegna's paintings in the Italian film "Accatone" (1961), and Da Vinci's "Last Supper" in the Spanish film "Viridiana" (1960), and the relationship between Japanese theatre and the Ukiyoe pictures seen in stage props and paintings, were used as a topic of discussion.

Four film and theatre researchers were invited from overseas, and along with researchers from the COE base, they attempted to raise historical and theoretical questions.