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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Graduate School of law Symposium

Thinking about the future of law education

Lecture on "Jurisprudence and Court Work" by Professor Tokiyasu Fujita

On December 11, "Law Education and Research Graduate Schools and Law Schools-Looking Directly at Researcher Training" Symposium was held to sum up the Graduate School of Law's "Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate Schools." At a time when more students who continue on to the Graduate School of Law are demanding more specialized education during their undergraduate years, how to train law scholars has become an issue throughout Japan. Since the inception of the Graduate School of Law in 2004, we have taken into account points at issue up until now, and under the theme of how we should educate law scholars in the future, a hot debate was unfolded.

At the symposium close to 150 people took part, including professors and students from other universities and lawyers, and enthusiastically listened to talks from a diverse range of panelists including former Supreme Court justice and Professor Emeritus at Tohoku University, Tokiyasu Fujita, former Supreme Court justice and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, Masamichi Okuda, and Professor JONGHYU JEONG of Chonnam National University.