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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Onsite investigation by joint survey team

Ascertaining the situation of the damage from the southern Sumatra earthquake and tsunami

Damage in Old Govic

The Faculty of Science and Engineering Coastal Engineering Laboratory (Professor Tomoya Shibayama) sent a joint Waseda University-Yokohama University-Bandung Institute of Technology Tsunami Survey Team, lead by Professor Shibayama, to conduct a damage survey of the October 25, 2010 southern Sumatra earthquake and tsunami , and from November 16-23 they investigated tsunami damage on Sipora Island in the Mentawi Islands.

Results showed it was clear that in villages situated on low lying coastal wetlands the tsunami passed either through mangrove plantations in the wetlands facing the ocean or up streams into the villages causing great damage.

As a future countermeasure, moving the villages from the low lying wetlands to comparatively higher land nearby would be more effective and this opinion was offered to the local government.