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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Transmitting to the world

Holding a seminar in Washington D.C.

At the symposium

From February 4-11, the US-Japan Research Institute jointly established by our university, along with Kyoto University, Keio University, Tokyo University and Ritsumeikan University, hosted seven seminars and student exchange meetings in Washington D.C.

"International Strategies of World Higher Education Institutions" was opened with a speech from Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, and former President Shirai, former president of Peking University, Xu Zhi Hong, and Stephen J. Trachtenberg, former president of the George Washington University, debated on world university strategies and future developments. Also, Waseda University Organization for Japan-US Studies Professor Shotaro Yachi's seminar on the theme of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan was shown live on the government cable network C-SPAN, displaying the high level of interest for the institute in the US. In addition, there was a speech from Stephen Bosworth, US special representative for North Korea, at the event which attracted a total of about 800 visitors.