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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Toward a Bridge Between EU and Asia

Selected for the Erasmus Mundus Programme

The BEAM (Build on Euro-Asian Mobility) Program, which was planned and proposed by 4 universities from Japan, including Waseda, 2 from South Korea and 6 from the EU for a total of 12 educational institutions, was selected for the Erasmus Mundus Programme (2009-2013), an exchange project by the European Commission that promotes cooperation between EU and Asian scholars and educators. This program aims to provide active exchanges in European and Asian academic and human resource development in higher education, research and management fields.

In the future, each institution will cooperate equally by carrying out mutual exchanges in three levels, doctorate students, postdoc researchers and fulltime educators. Through this, it is hoped that research exchange systems between the regions will be strengthened, exchanges of young personnel will be further promoted, and foundations toward strengthening the international expansion of each institution will be constructed.