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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Autumn of Culture - Let's Enjoy Waseda Culture

Every event held in grand fashion

Waseda Art and Culture Week 2010

Waseda Symphony Orchestra rehearsal

Waseda Art and Culture Week was held over three weeks from October 18 to November 5. This was adopted in 2010 to more effectively display "Waseda Culture" to the community by holding staff and student cultural activities at the same time. Starting with the Department of Architecture's 100th anniversary commemorative symposium "Waseda Architecture and the Future of Asia", NHK announcer Fujio Kariya's lecture titled "A Bridge to Glory", and the "80th Waseda Vaudeville Show", a total of 12 events, five exhibitions, and four public performances and related events were held.

Waseda Symphony Orchestra held four public rehearsals, displaying their preparation for a performance. This is the same orchestra which has introduced Waseda art and culture both nationally and overseas through over 130 performances overseas or at noted venues such as the Suntory Hall. Those in attendance could get a real feel of how Waseda art and culture, which is boasted on an international stage, is created. Many people visited all the events, and it ended as a great success.

Waseda-sai 2010

Powerful taiko drum performance

Waseda-sai stage performance

"Waseda-sai 2010" was held on November 6 and 7. About 460 student circles and student groups took part with about 160,000 visitors. Centered around close to 500 management staff, the festival was independently organized by students. Not only were there colorful events, but, as reported in the environmental special in this magazine's "2010 Summer Edition", by enthusiastically separating rubbish into nine types, this festival was prominent among university festivals throughout the country in terms of ecological measures.

Also, many people gathered for the performance of SHOCKERS, the male cheerleading team, to catch a glimpse of a powerful male cheering performance which can only be seen at this university, and went wild with excitement.