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New Year Issue (Jan.)


"On the Recommendation of a Beggar - Memories of Unclean Death and Carnage"

University Professor Masahiro Shinoda receives the Kyoka Izumi Literature Award

© Mineko Orisaku

University Professor Masahiro Shinoda received the 38th Izumi-Kyoka Literature Award for his novel "On the Recommendation of a Beggar - Memories of Unclean Death and Carnage".

This award was established in 1973 by Kanazawa City to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kyoka Izumi's birth, with the hopes of raising the level of culture in its citizens and promote regional culture by raising enriched minds through a revival of the arts. A screening committee of five members, including Hiroyuki Itsuki, chose a winner for the award which has had past recipients such as Juro Kara, Yasutaka Tsutsui, and Waseda graduates Akiyuki Nosaka and Wahei Tatematsu.

Professor Shinoda, who majored in theatrical history in the School of Letters I, commented that "I think that my experiences at Waseda are reflected in my films 'Double Suicide' (invited work at the Venice Film festival and London Film Festival) and 'Gonza the Spearman' (winner of the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival) and this award is the result of my learning and tradition at the School of Letters, Art and Sciences."