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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Continuing the legacy of Tanzan Ishibashi with the 10th edition of the award in his name

Holding of the Waseda Journalism Award Ceremony and panel discussion

10th award ceremony

"Journalists Standing on the 'Limits'"

President Kamata (center) with the recipients (from the left, Mr. Tanno, Mr. Fujiki, Mr. Kokubu and Mr. Kasai)

The 10th Tanzan Ishibashi Memorial Waseda Journalism Award Ceremony was held at the Rhiga Royal Hotel Tokyo on November 11 (award recipients listed below).

After a speech and presentations of each award by university President Kamata, and comments by screening committee member Akiko Shimoju, each recipient gave a lively address about their works. About 150 invited guests, starting with news teams who devoted their efforts to news gathering and reporting along with the recipients, and including members of the media and students taking the commemorative lecture for this award, "News Changes Society - Processing News -", attended the ceremony.

Along with the awards ceremony, the commemorative lecture is covered in the latest edition of "Journalists Standing on the 'Limits'" (Waseda University Press).

Section Title
Public Service Section
Grand Prize
NHK Special "Imperial Japanese Navy 400 Hours of Testimony" Three episodes
Japan Broadcast Corporation Tatsuhiro Fujiki
Grassroots Democracy Section
Grand Prize
Serial publication "Living on the Edge" - Awareness campaign for gender anxiety in children
Mainichi Shimbun Koichi Tanno
Cultural Contribution Section
Grand Prize
"Yanomami" Japan Broadcasting Corporation Taku Kokubu (published book: Japan Broadcast Publishing Co.)
Public Service Section
Honorable Mention
NNN Documentary 2009 "Bound by the Robe - Judges Who Broke Their Silence -"
Chukyo Television Network Chiaki Kasai
Panel discussion: "Learning From Tanzan Ishibashi Today"

At the discussion

On November 26, a panel discussion commemorating the 10th anniversary of this award and titled, "Learning From Tanzan Ishibashi Today - The Age of Turmoil and Journalism -", was held in the Okuma Auditorium. With award screening committee member, Faculty of Commerce Professor Kazuhiko Yamaki serving as moderator, and writer Kazutoshi Hando, non-fiction writer and award screening committee member Shinichi Sano, 8th award ceremony recipient Ken Fujimori, and 31st Ishibashi Tanzan Memorial Foundation Award winner, Faculty of Political Science and Economics Professor Masazumi Wakatabe taking the stage as panelists, a discussion, with the current situation of journalism as a backdrop, about how Tanzan Ishibashi's achievements have shaped speech activity without catering to the times. Despite this being held at night, about 200 people, including students, attended, and listened with great interest.