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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Joint forum with Yonsei, Korea, and Keio Universities held at Waseda.

Signing a joint declaration to strengthen ties between top Japanese and Korean private universities

From the left, Keio University President Atsushi Seike, Yonsei University President Kim Han-joong, Waseda President Shirai, and Korea University President Lee Ki-su

On October 14, the Japan-Korea Millennium Forum was held in the Okuma Auditorium. This forum is an exchange event held annually between Yonsei University, Korea University, Keio University and Waseda University, four private universities representing Japan and South Korea. This year marked the ninth edition of the event, and under the theme of "100 Year Vision for Japanese - Korean Ties", included a full assembly and research session with the presidents of the four universities, and a student session.

Also, in regard to an expansion in exchanges which was investigated last year, the objective of strengthening ties, with a goal of invigorating exchanges between students and staff of the four universities, was reconfirmed at this year's forum. A joint declaration was signed by the presidents of the universities.

Yonsei and Korea Universities are the top private universities in South Korea, and have a rivalry similar to that of Waseda and Keio. By promoting cooperation between these four universities, we aim to further develop higher education in Japan and South Korea.