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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Start of a new system

New Executive Directors and Auditors appointed

Along with the change of president, the executive directors to aid new President Kamata with the management of the university, and auditors to inspect management conditions, have been decided. Both terms started from November 8, 2010 and run for four years for executive directors and two years for auditors.

  Name Area
Vice-Presidents Shuji Hashimoto (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) general school affairs, academic affairs, research promotion, students, culture promotion, management planning
Satoshi Shimizu (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences) general corporate affairs, personnel affairs, campus planning, fund-raising, public relations, alumni liaisons, publicity, auditing
Katsuichi Uchida (Professor, Faculty of International Liberal Studies) international affairs
Muneharu Otsuka (Professor, Faculty of Commerce) financial affairs
Seiji Honda (Advisor to the Office of the President) general affairs, staff affairs, fund-raising, information security
Executive Directors Aiji Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics) general academic affairs section
Yoshiaki Fukazawa (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) general research promotion section, academic affairs (computerization promotion)
Nobuyuki Kamiya (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences) general student section, academic affairs (attached / affiliated schools)
Tomoki Waragai (Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences) general culture promotion section, academic affairs (graduate school system), research promotion
Yoichi Shimada (Professor, Faculty of Law) general campus planning section, judicial affairs
Miho Saito (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences) gender equality, fund-raising
Takanori Miyauchi (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences) sports promotion
Kunio Taniguchi (Director, Office of the president) management planning, associated corporations, fund-raising, alumni liaisons, Honjo Project
Minoru Sakota (Director, Personnel Division) personnel affairs, staff training
Akihide Fukuda (F tech Ltd. Representative Director, alumni association representative secretary) alumni liaisons, alumni association
Hajime Sawabe (TDK Ltd. Representative Director) research promotion (industry-academia cooperation), alumni liaisons
Yukio Yanagida (Lawyer, Harvard University Law School management consultative committee member) judicial affairs, international affairs, alumni liaisons
Auditors Seigo Hirayama (Lawyer, former president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations)
Shotaro Watanabe (Resona Group outside director, Japan Association of Corporate Executives lifetime secretary)