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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


2 movies filmed on the Waseda Campus

Screenings of Hanamizuki and Norwegian Wood

Filming takes place beside Building No. 3
Norwegian Wood (©2010); Haruki Murakami/Asmik Ace, Fuji Television Filming for the movies Hanamizuki and Norwegian Wood was performed on various Waseda campuses from last autumn to this summer.

Released in August, Hanamizuki is a hit movie that was filmed at locations such as the Waseda Campus and Toyama Campus by director Nobuhiro Doi, a 1988 graduate from the School of Political Science and Economics. The film is a pure love story that depicts a main character from Hokkaido who fulfills his dream of entering Waseda University. The film shows how the character grows through interactions with childhood friends and older students at university. A period of 10 years are covered in the movie, from the time that the character enters university to when he gains employment as an editor at a small publishing company in New York. Filming assistance was provided by students from the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies who study film production, digital movie systems and move production. Supervisor Professor Kohei Ando also appears in the film as a professor.

Norwegian Wood is based on the global best seller written by Haruki Murakami (1975 graduate from the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I. Filming took place at the Waseda, Toyama and Nishi-Waseda Campuses, and filming was finished at Okuma Gardens. The story of loss and regeneration that surrounds the main character is depicted in fantastically beautiful images by director Tran Anh Hung.

The following statement was made by producer Shinji Ogawa (1987 graduate from the School of Law): "The current form of Waseda University has changed greatly from the period which is depicted in the novel. However, we filmed at selected locations which still retain the atmosphere of an earlier period. All of these locations appear in important scenes in the film, and I hope that viewers will enjoy the beautiful images created by the director." The much-anticipated release of the film will take place in December.