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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Local Government Act

Issuance of coins depicting Shigenobu Okuma

Left) 500-yen coin "Shigenobu Okuma and Saga-Nishiki/Kashima-Nishiki Brocade Fabric" (nickel brass, etc.; 26.5 mm diameter)
Right) 1000-yen premium coin "Shigenobu Okuma and Imari/Arita Porcelain" (sterling silver, color coin; 40 mm diameter)

Coins depicting Waseda University founder Shigenobu Okuma have been issued. The coins were issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Local Government Act. The designs of commemorative coins were selected from proposals issued from the 47 Japanese prefectures from 2008. The current issuance contains 2 coin designs which were proposed by Saga Prefecture, and Okuma was selected as an individual who represents Saga Prefecture.

The 1000-yen coin depicts "Shigenobu Okuma and Imari/Arita Porcelain", while the 500-yen coin features a design showing "Shigenobu Okuma and Saga-Nishiki/Kashima-Nishiki Brocade Fabric". Issuance is schedule for around next January (advance application for the 1000-yen coin will begin from November).