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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


From elementary students to the world's top high school students

Future scientists gather at Waseda

Closing ceremony of the International Chemistry Olympiad held at Okuma Auditorium

Participants from countries throughout the world

The closing ceremony of the 42nd International Chemistry Olympiad (sponsored by the Chemistry Olympiad Japan Committee), an event where high school students from throughout the world compete using their knowledge of chemistry, was held at Okuma Memorial Auditorium on July 27th. President Katsuhiko Shirai presented gold medals and lauded the efforts of high school students who showed a high level of academic ability. Professor Kuniaki Tatsuta of the Faculty of Science and Engineering serves as Vice-Chairperson of the Chemistry Olympiad Japan Committee. Due to this association, venues such as the Nishi-Waseda Campus and Okuma Memorial Auditorium were provided for the first Olympiad to be held in Japan.

President Shirai congratulates the award-winners

This year's Olympiad featured a record attendance of 267 participants from 68 countries and regions. Participants showed their chemistry ability and competed for the best overall record for a series of experiment tests and written tests. 32 gold medals were awarded to competing students, as well as 58 silver and 86 bronze medals. Medals were presented by President Shirai and Dean Shuji Hashimoto of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Japanese students also set a new record by winning 2 gold and 2 silver medals.

Uni-Lab held for elementary students

Children attempt an experiment

On August 4th, a scientific experiment workshop for elementary school students was held by the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The event drew approximately 1000 visitors. The workshop was named "Uni-Lab", a word created by abbreviating the phrase "University Laboratory".

Uni-Lab is an annual workshop that began in 1988. By giving children direct experience with scientific experiments and crafts, the workshop provides an opportunity for elementary school students to heighten their interest in science and technology. The workshop also is an opportunity to open our university to the general public. This year marked the 23rd time that Uni-Lab has been held. This year's workshop featured a total of 25 experiment classrooms. At Nishi-Waseda Campus Building No. 63, the main venue for the workshop, a large number of children waited in line to apply for the hands-on experiment corner. All participants enjoyed themselves while increasing their interest in science.