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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Debating the economic independence of women and the form of literature

Holding internationally meaningful events

APEC Symposium on Gender Equality
―Incorporating a female viewpoint in economic activities―

Each panelist made statements based on personal experience

The APEC Women's Leadership Network (WLN) Conference was held in Shinjuku from September 19th to 21st under the theme of "women and economics". The conference was part of APEC Japan 2010 which was held in Japan this year. As a side event, a symposium entitled "Careers Matching Life Values-Participation and Independence of Women in Economic Activities" was held at Waseda University on September 18th. The symposium was cosponsored by Shinjuku Ward and by the Joint Committee for Promoting Gender Equality, an organization of Cabinet Office. The symposium began with a keynote address delivered by Yukako Uchinaga, Vice-President of Benesse Corporation and Chairperson of the 2010 APEC-WLN Committee. A panel discussion, group session and panel exhibition was held following the address. The symposium succeeded in sharing with 200 participants the importance of creating a future which incorporates gender equality and a female viewpoint.

Approximately 60 student staff members and volunteer from Waseda University and other institutions played a vital role in the symposium. Students and staff held meetings with instructors, created materials used at the symposium, and provided guidance on the day of the event.

2010 International Pen Congress in Tokyo
―The Environment and Literature: What should be written now?―

A presentation was given by Mr. Atoda

Waseda University held the 2010 International Pen Congress in Tokyo from September 23rd to 26th. The event was held at Okuma Memorial Hall and the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. The P.E.N. Club is an international organization of writers that was founded in 1921 in order to appeal for free speech. Currently, an annual congress is held in locations throughout the world with participation from 102 countries (144 centers).

The Japan P.E.N. Club obtained membership in 1935 through the efforts of individuals such as Toson Shimazaki. Currently, the position of Chairperson is held by Waseda alumnus Takashi Atoda (1960 graduate from the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I). Furthermore, several individuals associated with Waseda University are members of the club's Board of Directors. The Waseda University Cultural Affairs Division gave its full cooperation to the holding of this year's congress.

Reading out loud at the Literature Forum