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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Aiming for education and research which possesses creativity that responds to current times

Newly established graduate school majors and courses for the 2011 academic year

Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences: Modern Literature Course (Master's Program only) This course will be newly established as a Master's Program from the 2011 academic year. The course will be taught by faculty affiliated with literature and journalism theory from the School of Culture, Media and Society. In other words, instructors include novelists, critics, translators and researchers who are active on the front line of their fields. The course inherits the tradition of the former School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I and School of Letters, Arts and Sciences II (Evening Division), undergraduate schools which have produced a large number of writers, editors and journalists. Furthermore, by building on that tradition to cultivate practical and multidisciplinary knowledge and desire which is capable of responding to current trends, the course is expected to instill new life into modern literature.
Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering: Major in Intermedia Art and Science The Major in Intermedia Art and Science focuses on research regarding "intermedia", a concept of transecting and fusing scientific technology with artistic expression. Based on the Department of Intermedia Art and Science within the Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, the major realizes a high-level and specialized educational and research environment. The major seeks to understand and represent the features, sensibility and communication of living creatures as mediated by scientific technology. At the same, time the major recognizes the necessity of actions for determining the form of scientific technology which supports such features and communication. This new major is expected to play a vital role in creating trends within science and engineering.