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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Contributing to the improvement of higher education and the cultivation of professionals

Waseda University programs selected for various MEXT

In order to improve the higher education of Japan and to cultivate professionals, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) conducts projects in which educational institutions apply for competitive funds. The following chart contains details for 4 programs submitted by university and selected by the MEXT.

MEXT Project Name Waseda Institution Program Details
Sports Career Graduate School Program Faculty of Sports Sciences Survey and collection is performed for advanced cases received from overseas universities affiliated with the Global COE of the Faculty of Sports Science. The project advances educational programs which approve lectures held by the National Coach Academy of the Japanese Olympic Committee as credits at the faculty. Furthermore, support programs are developed for top-level athletes to enter graduate school and receive education for becoming outstanding coaches.
Project to Cultivate Practical Research Leaders Faculty of Science and Engineering This project develops a program to cultivate professionals who are capable of solving social problems. At the same time, students in advanced degree programs exert a synergistic effect through a system which combines the humanities and sciences. The project shows the various career opportunities in society that await students with advanced degrees, and also heighten skills required for such careers,
Program to Cultivate Core Professional for Nuclear Energy Faculty of Science and Engineering Based on the features of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, this program enhances knowledge related to nuclear energy in undergraduate and graduate students studying in fields such as applied physics, mechanics, electricity, materials, chemistry, civil engineering and construction. The program also develops educational programs for a joint major in nuclear power and cultivates professionals who will serve as the core of nuclear energy field in the future.
Project to Promote University Education and Student Support (University Education Support Program) Open Education Center This university-wide project positions the ability to compose academic writing as a fundamental ability throughout all areas of study. As part of education for first year students, individual instruction is conducted through e-learning with the goal of reaching the approximately 9,800 students receiving education as first year students at Waseda.