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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Protecting mankind from threats to our existence, lifestyle and dignity

Human Security Symposium

Discussion by panelists

On July 15th, a symposium entitled "The Past, Present and Future of Human Security-Seeking to Achieve MDGs-" was jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations. The symposium was held at a packed Okuma Memorial Hall. In addition to Sadako Ogata (Joint Chairperson of the Commission on Human Security, President of the Japan International Cooperation Association (JICA), the symposium featured participation by the Vice-Chairperson of the World Economic Forum and other individuals active on the front line of human security. In addition to reviewing the history of human security and evaluating past measures, the symposium also featured passionate debate regarding the roles that must be fulfilled by regional organizations, international organizations, development finance organizations and Japan itself in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

Joint Chairperson Sadako Ogata delivers a speech