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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Contribution to and evaluation of the succession and development of liberal, democratic and international pacifist philosophies held by Tanzan Ishibashi

Professor Masazumi Wakatabe receives the 31st Tanzan Ishibashi Prize

Professor Masazumi Wakatabe (Faculty of Political Science and Economics) was awarded the 31st Tanzan Ishibashi Prize for his written work "Economic Policies of Crisis-Why did they happen and what can we learn?" (published by Nippon-Hyoronsha). The prize commemorates the philosophy and contributions of Tanzan Ishibashi (55th Prime Minister of Japan), a Waseda alumni who made momentous achievements as a debater and politician. The prize is awarded to theses and written works published in fields such as politics, economics, international relations, society and culture.

Professor Wakatabe expressed his joy by making the following statement: "Tanzan Ishibashi was the ultimate economist of modern Japan. Although it is an extremely lofty goal, I hope to use Ishibashi's achievements as a model for advancing my own work."