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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Various Displays at the Waseda University Archives, Aizu Museum, and The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

From Historical Events and Masterful Performances Brought Back to Life to Modern Art

"50 years after his death - Inejiro Asanuma and that era"(March 25 - April 22)
Waseda University Archives

Photo panels of the assassination were also on display (Pulitzer Prize winner)

The life of politician Inejiro Asanuma (alumnus), who was tragically assassinated by a right wing youth while speaking at Hibiya Public Hall, and the era in which he lived, was introduced. It is said that the 1960 Asanuma assassination, the year Japan was shaken by the revised Japan-US Security Treaty, dramatically changed postwar political climate. At the exhibition, about 100 specimens were on display including graphic pieces such as a suit with a bullet hole and blood-stained shirt, and speech manuscripts.

"Fumihiko Ozaki's Innocent Eyes II"(May 6 - May 29)
Aizu Museum

Fumihiko Ozaki's Innocent Eyes II

Works from Fumihiko Ozaki, who continued to paint despite his disability, were put on display. 24 of the 33 artworks were paintings of animals such as dogs and cats. The simple pictures and fresh colors of the painted animals soothed the viewers, releasing them from strong feelings.

"Kyuen Kawasaki 50th Anniversary of his Death Exhibition Bringing Masterful Performances Back to Life - Putting His Treasured Drum in the Center" (May 22 - August 2)
Theatre Museum

Kyuen Kawasaki's treasured drum skin

The Theatre Museum opened a memorial exhibition on Kyuen Kawasaki, master Noh drummer whose perfect skill and performance in relation to his awkward posture, won him many adoring fans in a career spanning over the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. Along with Kyuen's beloved drum, presented to the Theatre Museum last year, many affinitive items were on display, recollecting the masterful performances of years long past.