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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Revised Japan-US Security Pact 50 Years On

Thinking of the Future of the Japan-US Alliance through Events

8 panelist discussion including Mr. Armacost, Sheila Smith from the Council on foreign Relations, and professor of Faculty of International Studies, Chikako Ueki

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Japan-US Security Treaty and Waseda University has held many security related events.

On May 28, in cooperation with Kyoto University, Keio University, University of Tokyo, Ritsumeikan University, and Washington-based NPO US-Japan Institute (USJI), a memorial symposium, "Japan-US Relations and the 50th Anniversary of Security Treaty," was held at the Okuma Auditorium and included a keynote speech and panelist discussion (left photo). University President Shirai, also executive director of USJI, began proceedings by stating, "In order to think about the major problems faced by the whole world, we must form partnerships with overseas universities and thoroughly investigate these problems as much as possible." In his keynote speech, former US Ambassador to Japan, Michael Armacost pointed out, "The base issue, second on the list of security issues, has threatened the relationship of trust between the US and Japan." Even in the panelist discussion, a white hot debate was held in front of 900 viewers, touching on topics such as the importance of US-Japan relations to security in Asia, the Okinawan base issue and the North Korean problem.

Many photos were on display, including those by photographer Hiroshi Hamaya.

On June 4, the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies sponsored a lecture meeting, "Us-Japan Alliance and East Asia - Reconstruction Issue and the Role of the Okinawan Base," with former Kyodo News Service editorial chief, Fumio Matsuo, as speaker. This was a chance to grasp a realistic image of the US-Japan Alliance and future issues as well as the current state of affairs throughout the whole of East Asia.

And on June 15, the School of International Liberal Studies held a lecture meeting titled, "60 Years of Security Treaty and the 50th Anniversary." About 1300 people visited the media photo exhibition (right photo) which was held at the same time.

Each event was covered by various media outlets, spreading the importance of these issues to the public.