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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Expectations for High Quality Home Video Cameras

Developing Video Decoding LSI for Low Energy Consumption Next Generation Hi-Vision

Developed chip

The Satoshi Goto Laboratory at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Graduate School of Information Production and Systems), in cooperation with the Pei Lin Ryu Laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has successfully created the world's first low energy consumption LSI compatible H.264 decoder with next generation full hi-vision (4096 x 2160), and presented their findings at the VLSI symposium held in America on June 18.

As video recordings are slightly larger in their original form, the data is reduced by 1/10-1/20 before being returned to its original size after transmission. Hi-vision video is used widely in home video recorders with the worldwide standard for format reduction known as MPEG2 but, now the H.264 standard has appeared with an improvement of about double the reduction rate. With the development of the low energy consuming small circuit LSI, we can expect to see high quality home video cameras appear on the market.