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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Sending the results of many years of academic exchange to the wider society

Hosting "Tsinghua University Day"

Address by President Shirai

Tsinghua University Day was held on May 13 at the Okuma Small Auditorium. After the opening ceremony, Liu Jiang Yong, vice head of Tsinghua University's (Beijing) International Issues Research Center, gave a special lecture on "The Road to an East Asian Community," and academic exchanges such as joint workshops or research study meetings involving prominent Tsinghua researchers were held. Each event produced heated debate and continuing exchanges were confirmed. The hosting of this event, which has been held at both universities, and through disclosing results of personnel exchange and human resource training, we can see an example of cooperation between Japanese and Chinese universities.

With Tsinghua President Gu Bing Lin (Honorary Waseda Doctorate)

With the aim of improving future education and research strength of both universities, in addition to accepting 12 students on an exchange program, new plans are afoot to expand horizons with cooperative student training, joint research in cutting-edge technology in scientific fields, and industry-academia tie-ups.