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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Calling for a strengthened infrastructure in university research and professional development

Leaders of 9 universities announce emergency policy recommendation

On March 19th, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, the University of Tokyo, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kyushu University and Keio University, as well as the Presidents and Headmasters of each university, called for a strengthened infrastructure in research and professional development by announcing an emergency policy recommendation entitled “Fundamental Strengthening of Infrastructure for University Research and Personnel Development as a National Growth Strategy.”

In order for Japan to achieve sustained growth within fierce international competition, it is essential to ensure fundamental fulfillment of the research and personnel development infrastructure at universities which serve as centers of knowledge. The policy recommendation raised 5 areas that require immediate action: 1) development and support of young researchers, 2) promotion of fundamental research based on the free thinking of researchers, 3) strengthening of international competitiveness at universities, 4) establishment of a systematic university budgetary system, and 5) wide expansion of public investments based on the establishment of clear investment goals. The recommendation called for these areas to be incorporated into the government’s growth plan and next fundamental plan for science and technology.