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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Establishment of an information security system

Strengthened university-wide measures by establishing a Promotion Office

The leaflet “Information Security and You” is published in 3 different versions for students, faculty and staff.

The shift to an information-based society has been accompanied by the frequent occurrence of various accidents and incidents. Some of these accidents are the result of user negligence; for example, damage due to computer viruses, leakage of information onto the internet when using file exchange software, and loss of memory mediums. However, some accidents are purposeful crimes, such as computer theft, hacking, or leakage of information by an insider.

Waseda University has always worked to insure the security of information, with a focus on the protection of private individual information and copyrights. However, in response to shift to an information-based society, our university established the Information Security Promotion Office in November of last year. The office is responsible for implementing information security measures throughout the entire university, as well as for educating and increasing the consciousness of students, faculty and staff. The office also seeks to establish a system for the promotion and management of information security policies.

From this April, the office has begun on-demand training designed to prevent accidents by increasing the consciousness of faculty and staff. In the future, the office plans to strengthen organizational measures by establishing guidelines for information security.