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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Developing global leaders through dormitory education

Establishment of a Residence Center

In January 2010, Waseda University opened a Residence Center which serves as a contact point for all student dormitories used by university students. Currently, Waseda directly operates the Tanashi Dormitory (male/female dormitory), the Higashifushimi Dormitory (male dormitory) and the Ichishima Memorial Sendagi Dormitory (female dormitory). Also, through affiliations with other organizations, our university provides many other housing environments such as the Waseda International Dormitory and the Waseda Recommended Dormitory. The Residence Center is a contact point for comprehensive handling of the various operations associated with these dormitories and boarding houses.

The aging Tanashi Dormitory was rebuilt in order to satisfy the demands of students coming from outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area, as well support the increase number of foreign students. The construction was complemented in April 2008. In conjunction with the rebuilding of the Tanashi Dormitory, our university initiated a new student dormitory policy in which the dormitory was reserved for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students. In order to realize the globalization professed in the Waseda Next 125 long-term plan, the student dormitory provides an environment for communal living between foreign students and Japanese students coming from outside the Tokyo area. Through the experiences that students obtain in this environment, our university seeks to develop professionals who possess global sensibility. However, it is not easy for foreign students and Japanese students to begin a communal lifestyle in student dormitories which are completely different from the environments in which they were raised. In addition to language and communication issues, they are placed in a cultural background which is completely different from their previous lifestyles.

In order to provide support for these types of issues, our university had established a Student Dormitory Desk in the Student Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division. However, the need had arisen for a dedicated section which places priority on instituting measures with a focus on the future form of student dormitories. The Residence Center was established to respond to this need.

The Residence Center fulfills a broad role ranging from the establishment of overall policies for all dormitories to lifestyle support and support for exchange activities. The center also provides detailed follow-up support for work such as procedures for entering or vacating a dormitory. The center seeks to effectively operate student dormitories in accordance with the characteristics of each facility, and to increase the “human power” of dormitory students through an environment which is perfect for living and learning. In particular, the Tanashi Dormitory actively uses public subsidies received from the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) as part of Support Programs for Contemporary Societal Needs (Student Support GP). The subsidies are used to implement academic programs such as intensive English courses and theme discussions.

In the future, the Residence Center will continue to implement dormitory development programs and carrier supports programs which take advantage of an international environment. Such programs will contribute to Waseda's goal of developing global leaders.

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