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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Development of professionals through unified junior high school/high school education and through partnerships between high schools and university

First class of students enters new affiliated and associated schools

First junior high school opened as an affiliated school

A commemorative family photograph: Waseda University Junior High School

Waseda University Junior High School is the first junior high school opened as an affiliated school of our university. Waseda University Junior High School greeted 128 new students who still show traces of having just graduated from elementary school. At the entrance ceremony held on April 8th, President Shirai expressed his expectations by making the following statement: “Junior high school is a period in which you will establish a foundation for your future. Please keep the school’s founding motto in your heart and give your best efforts to studying.”

A new school building featuring 3 wings was constructed as part of the school’s opening. The 3 wings of the new school buildings are 3 stories high and are centered around a General Information Center (library, etc.) which was designed with a bright vaulted ceiling. The classroom wing is capable of holding a total of 1,300 junior high school and high school students.

An associated school in the birthplace of Shigenobu Okuma

Pledge by representative of new students: Waseda Saga Junior High School and High School

Waseda Saga Junior High School and High School has been opened in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, which is the birthplace of Shigenobu Okuma. Together with a plate bearing the educational motto of Waseda University, a bust of Shigenobu Okuma has been erected at the school. This bust is the symbol of all affiliated schools and associated schools. The entrance ceremony held on April 7th was attended by 123 students forming the first class of the junior high school and 129 students of the high school. At the ceremony, President Shirai gave the following message to students: “Graduates of Waseda University are active in a wide variety of fields. The driving force of their activity is found in the founding spirit of Waseda University. The founding motto of Waseda Saga is ‘academic independence’, ‘enterprising spirit’ and ‘education of global citizens.’ During your time at the school, I hope that you will live by this motto and will work together to create new tradition.”

Waseda Saga Junior High School and High School stands at the former site of Saga Prefectural High School, located at the foot of Karatsu Castle. The former school buildings were fitted with seismic reinforcement and had reforms done on both the interior design and exterior walls. The new student dormitory, capable of holding 292 male and female students, is named Hachitaro Hall in reference to Shigenobu Okuma’s childhood name.