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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


A memorial exhibition celebrating his life’s work

Bust erected of Syunjo Ichijima, first Director of Waseda Library

In order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth, a bust of Kenkichi Ichijima (also known as Syunjo) has been erected in front of the entrance of the Central Library. The bust is a lasting celebration of Ichijima’s work as the first-ever Director of the Waseda University Library. A ceremony to unveil the bust was held on March 5th, and many individuals associated with the Syunjo-Ichijima Kenkichi Bust were in attendance.

Our university’s name was changed from Tokyo Senmon Gakko to Waseda University in 1902. In the same year, Ichijima assumed the position of library Director at the recommendation of school advisor Sanae Takata (later served as Waseda’s first Chancellor and 3rd President). Ichijima himself traveled widely to appraise a variety of materials, working hard to increase the collection of the library. Furthermore, Ichijima believed that materials hidden in storage effectively did not exist; in other words, that such materials were “dead storage.” Therefore, even in the case of highly valuable materials, he strove to realize active display of the items. This spirit of Ichijima lives on in today’s Waseda Library.

Furthermore, the “Ichijima Syunjo: 150th Anniversary Exhibition” (March 5th to April 21st) featured displays of items written by Ichijima and valuable materials collected by Ichijima, all taken from the collection of Waseda Library. The life work of Ichijima is introduced in his own words through his essays and other remaining works.